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Burnsall V.A. Primary School

Burnsall, Skipton,  North Yorkshire, BD23 6BP

Headteacher: Mrs Julie Morton Lee

01756 720273

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Welcome to Friends . . . .

Burnsall Friends is a group of parents who meet each half term to arrange fundraising events to pay for the fabulous little extras that our children enjoy, such as the pantomime or musical, art and drama workshops, or to help to pay for equipment that the school feels would be of benefit to our children’s learning.

As a small school, our numbers are limited, so every parent is very welcome to come along and see how they could help. We play other varied roles within the school year, be it serving refreshments, gardening or organising Sports Day, so there is always something that you can offer.

Current Fundraising Activities

How You Can Help 

The more we raise, the more our children gain. Remember this is your PTA, raising funds for all the children of the school, to support their education and school life in a variety of exciting and inspiring ways.                      

We are sure that you will continue to support us generously and we hope that you enjoy the calendar of events we have planned for 2015/2016. We thank parents for their support in the past and look forward to this continuing in the future.   

Kind regards,

Friends Committee

Further information can be found HERE

Burnsall PS Friends Diary 03.17.pdf